This Playlist is Sick!


Due to being extremely ill this past week I haven’t been posting much.  I mean, I missed TWO Throwbacks!  That’s just not fair to our new readers thanks to That Tiny Website‘s twitter shoutout.  Welcome to MSD, by the way!

To make it up to you I made you guys a small present.  Here is a six song playlist made for you by me. It really reflects how I’ve been feeling this past week.

Listen to This Playlist is Sick! on Spotify, or if you don’t have a Spotify account here is a YouTube video version:

Tracks featured:

  1. I’m So Sick – Flyleaf
  2. Sick, Sick, Sick – Queens of the Stoneage
  3. Down With the Sickness – Disturbed
  4. Nausea – Beck
  5. I Need a Doctor – Dr Dre, Skylar Grey, Eminem
  6. I Wanna Get Better – Bleachers

Be healthy, be well!

Well This Isn’t Fun: Frontman Nate Ruess Goes Solo

Needing a break from being a band’s frontman, Nate Ruess has embarked on a solo adventure.  Released on February 23 of this year, Ruess’ first single “Nothing Without Love” debuted at number 36 on the Billboard Alternative Chart.  I haven’t heard this song on the radio yet, but I can guess it’ll make a pretty large impact when we’re ready.  Maybe when Boston thaws…

The band Fun. was put together by Ruess after his breakup from band The Format.  He asked Jack Antonoff (Steel Train, Bleachers), and Andrew Dost (formerly of Anathallo) to join him.  What they did was personally musically inspiring.  Their single “We Are Young” featuring Janelle Monae dominated radio stations from late 2011 to almost the rest of 2012. Rest assured, the members have made it clear that the band is just on hiatus to try their own things again, but they are definitely not broken up.  We will have Fun again!  Not only is Ruess releasing a solo album but Jack Antonoff is writing for amazing pop singers like Sara Bareilles and Taylor Swift, and he is also fronting the band Bleachers.  Andrew Dost is reportedly scoring films, but I couldn’t tell you what or when or who.

It’s great to hear Ruess’ voice once again.  I do believe the right amount of time has passed since his duet with Pink, released almost exactly two years from the release of “Nothing Without Love.” That song was inarguably overplayed on every station.  It’s probably still very popular at karaoke night.

I’m pretty sure this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but even though this song does sound like it could be from a Fun album, it is missing that Antonoff magic that I crave with that amazing Nate Ruess vocal tone.  I would rather hear Nate sing a version of “Out of The Woods,” a song which Antonoff co-wrote with Taylor Swift and is featured on Taylor’s 1989 album, than this single.  The official video itself is also not that impressive.  Beautifully shot and edited, there was nothing that really stood out expect the very beginning and very end when he sings acapella drifting at sea.  This makes sense since the song is heavy on sailing metaphors but not much on girls in meadows or running around alone in the city.  I guess the piano blowing up was pretty neat?

I’m hoping his album has more interesting arrangements to compliment what is truly a unique voice that top 40 needs to mix things up a bit.  The album is slated for release for Summer 2015, so maybe he’s saving the big guns and this will be the Summer of Nate Ruess.

And as usual, you can buy the single from iTunes and Amazon.

Throwback Thursday: 3LW “Playas Gon’ Play”

Before Taylor said anything, 3LW already let us know that players were gonna play and haters were gonna hate….

This song by 3LW (Three Little Women) was their second single released from their self-titled debut.  Released in May 2001 and following the success of first single “No More” this song only peaked at number 81 on the Billboard Hot 100.  The song did moderately better in the UK peaking at number 21, but still out of reach for the top 20.  The video for this song found more success, debuting on TRL at number 7, staying on the countdown for 11 days and peaking at number 5.

You may recognize two of the members.  Do they seem….cheetahlicious?  Members Adrienne Bailon and Kiely Williams went on to co-star in the Disney Channel’s made for TV movie The Cheetah Girls in 2003, after the departure of Naturi Naughton, who left the group due to heated arguments with management.  Bailon and Williams also attempted to keep 3LW alive as a duo before adding new member Jessica Benson in 2003 with pressure from their label to increase record sales.

There were rumors for a solo debut from Naturi, but she has since decided to focus on an acting career.  Kiely attempted a solo career, but after releasing “Spectacular” in 2010 she hasn’t done much else.  Adrienne is probably the most successful of the trio.  She was immediately signed to Island Def Jam after the fall of the Cheetah Girls and has been doing frequent small film roles and television spots to this day.  You may even recognize her as Rob Kardashian’s ex-girlfriend.

You can check them out on Spotify and maybe even purchase their music on iTunes or Amazon.


Today Carly Rae Jepsen finally released another single!

Carly’s last album Kiss was released at the end of 2012 and her singles “Call Me Maybe” and “Good Time” featuring Owl City dominated charts the following year.  Unfortunately promotion for this album stopped after follow-ups “This Kiss” and “Tonight I’m Getting Over You” failed to achieve the same success as “Call Me Maybe.” I mean, we’re STILL referencing that song years later.

I really, really, really like Carly, even if some may call her music and packaging juvenile (a lot of people were surprised to find this artist was actually older than, say, Selena Gomez).  The album Kiss was exactly the level of fun pop and sincerity that I needed in 2013.  I listened to “Your Heart is A Muscle” while curled in the fetal position far too many times to admit.

I think a balance of FUN and SINCERITY would be the perfect way to describe Carly.  If you take a minute to listen, you will hear the musicianship behind songs, even in “I Really Like You.”  All of her songs are perfectly put together and formulated without being predictable. Nothing is clouded in taking itself too seriously.  She’s clearly producing music she loves.

I am so excited for her new album.  I’ll be sure to keep my eye out for the exact date, but it’s slated for this summer.  Carly and the summertime sure do make a great combination!

Purchase the single on iTunes and show Carly how much she was missed!

Throwback Thursday: Dido “Here With Me”

This singer had a heavenly voice that was almost alien

I was unsure where to throw this Thursday until last night when I heard Dido’s “Thank You” on the radio at the gas station.  I was thrown back to middle school basically worshiping this singer’s voice, obsessively waiting for the next episode of Roswell to air.

Why Roswell?  Well, Dido didn’t hit it big in the US until this song was used the theme song for the WB’s sci-fi drama in 1999.  Although she recorded demos and had been signed to a label before this, the promotional combination of “Here With Me” as Roswell’s theme and joining Sarah McLachlan’s Lilith Fair tour really shot her career out of orbit.

Yes.  Space jokes are happening.

Having her song “Thank You” sampled in Eminem’s single “Stan” didn’t hurt her career, either.  She even appeared in the music video, despite initial hesitation due to a very controversial scene.  She released the original song for “Thank You” as a follow-up signal which was also a huge radio hit.

Even though “Here With Me” was released in 1999 her debut album No Angel became the top-selling album of 2001 worldwide.  Certified platinum in over 35 countries and claiming number 97 on the decade-end album chart by Billboard, this album was nothing short of brilliant.

Dido went on to release other amazing albums and was back on top with her single “White Flag” from her follow-up album Life For Rent.  Her fourth album, Girl Who Got Away, was released in 2013.  She hasn’t had the same commercial success since the early 2000’s, but she’s still been working hard in the industry.

You can listen to Dido’s discography over on Spotify but please do consider supporting this artist through iTunes and Amazon.

Also, for your viewing pleasure here is a video of the opening credits for Roswell’s first three seasons.  They feature slightly different versions of Here With Me and just…sigh…Shiri Appleby and Jason Behr…my first OTP.

Put These in Your Playlist and Play it!: Phoebe Ryan and Marian Hill

Get it?  Like “stick it in your pipe…”  Oh, forget it.  I’ve been discovering a lot of great music lately and trying to think of a way to present it all to you.  I thought maybe every so often I could share a few songs to check out and suggest possible playlists that they would really spruce up!  Here’s my first go at it.  Today I present to you Phoebe Ryan, and Marian Hill!

Phoebe Ryan “Mine”

I first heard “Mine” when it was featured on Spotify’s New Music Tuesday playlist on February 3.  This is an artist you’re going to want to keep your eye one this year.  SHE IS GOING PLACES!  “Mine” is a beautiful electro/synth pop song about taking ownership of a bad situation and being proud that you made it through.  Finding the gold in the wreckage, the lesson to be learned by maybe a heartbreak or mental breakdown.

I would stick this in with any playlist that features Ellie Goulding, Ingrid Michaelson, or even Tegan and Sara.  Here are some other suggested playlist categories:

  • Self Affirmations
  • Getting Over (Insert Noun Here)
  • Songs with Great Melodies and Hooks

This song is obviously available on Spotify (even now featured on the Viral Hits playlist) but you can also purchase it through iTunes.

Links to follow her social media, you’ll want to keep up with this one: FacebookYouTube, Twitter, InstagramSoundCloud

Marian Hill “Lips”

Here’s another electro-pop song for you today.  “Lips” is one of two songs this duo released to demonstrate what they could do with synths.  I heard about this song from a recent SUPER FRUITS episode.  Mitch mistakenly called Marian Hill just a “she,” but the song was suggested by a fan.  Mitch usually has great suggestions but the way he described the song sounded right up my alley, so I took to the internet!  Lyrics that seems so simple and a melody that seems so predictable sounds almost hypnotizing with the instrumentals.  I would highly recommend this song to anyone with interest in music production.

I would add this song to these playlists:

  • Songs to Make-out To
  • Chill Hang Outs
  • Writing Novels in Coffee Shops

You can find “Lips” and their EP Sway over on Spotify.  You can also support Marian Hill by purchasing their music through iTunes or Amazon.

Here’s their social media links: Facebook, TwitterYouTube, SoundCloud

Do you have any suggestions of great new songs?  Leave ’em in the comments!

Throwback Thursday: M2M “Don’t Say You Love Me”

Whoever thought success would come from the Pokemon soundtrack…

Signed to Atlantic Records in 1999 and named through a contest by fans, M2M shot to fame with this single featured on the soundtrack for Pokemon The First Movie.  The film helped this song reached success in the US, debuting at number 2 on the Billboard singles chart and number 21 on the Hot 100.  The song on the soundtrack features one slightly altered lyric and two versions of the videos so kids wouldn’t be exposed to lines such as “you start kissing me. what that’s about?”  #scandalous

They released their first album in 2000, Shades of Purple, which debuted in the top 40 in most countries, including number one in their home country, Norway.  They toured with HANSON (which was a BIG deal) to promote the album and went on to release four more singles from the album.  They recorded a Mandarin version of the song Pretty Boy due to their popularity in China.

In 2002 the girls released their follow up album, which featured a more mature sound and vocals, most noticeable in Marion (the brunette).  Although critically acclaimed the album was not as commercially successful as their first album.  They were dropped as the opening act in the middle of Jewel’s This Way tour and disbanded by their label stating disappointing record sales.  However, the immediate signing of Marion Raven as a solo artist was controversial to most if not all fans.

Both girls have found success as solo artists. Marit has been releasing critically acclaimed and successful music under EMI and Sony.  She has success in the Netherlands with her simple but engaging pop melodies backed with folk instrumentals.  I’ll stop here because I could right a whole other entry about my love for her.  Check out her work through Amazon and her limited catalog on iTunes.

Marion evolved her sound into a more rock-ish soul vibe.  She didn’t last long on Atlantic and signed to an indie label to re-release her debut album.  She’s written several songs for a variety of artists, including Pixie Lott and even Lindsay Lohan.  She voiced Repunzel in the Norwegian version of Tangled in 2011 and recorded a cover of the Celine Dion classic “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” with Meatloaf in 2006.  She’s been in the reality TV scene for a bit with stints as a judge on the Norwegian X-Factor and later Norwegian Idol.  Check out her music on iTunes and Amazon.

I’m still a major fan of these girls.  I actually saw them live TWICE!  And had them sign things for me TWICE! And they said that they liked my shirt…TWICE!  Here’s a picture I took of them after they performed an invite only show to which my friend Emily won tickets to on the radio and invited me.


This is pretty good considering I was maybe fifteen at the time?  Right?